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Very simple and very easy, just click the little person on the top right of the screen and you should be able to sign in if you're a returning member or sign up as a new member if you'd like. There are no a lot of added benefits to being a member except solidifying your part in the community and having access to a chat for members only. But most other aspects of the website and the podcast are available and accessible to everyone.


There are a variety of ways to do so. Reading the 2 or 3 chapters of the week is for everyone to do on their own. Questions and topics of discussion for the Bible study can be submitted at any time during the week before the Bible study begins or during the live Zoom call if you will be participating live. They can be submitted by using the Contact Us forms found on the Contact Page and the Contact Us section on the Homepage. You can text the number 206-475-4733, or email at You can also join the Bible study WhatsApp group through the link button found at the bottom of the Contact Us portion of the home page, you will need the app downloaded on your mobile device first in order to join. The live zoom link can be found on the home page and everyone is most certainly welcome to join. And finally the podcast recording can be found in most places where podcasts can be found whether you are able to participate live or not. You can meditate on the discussion/message throughout the next week, and apply it to your life, we hope, as often as possible.


We understand that some situations are too sensitive to be broadest publicly no matter how much we preach vulnerability and compassion, that's why we have opportunities for you to set up appointments to talk to another Christian about your situation in a one on one environment on a zoom call at the time of your choosing. While nobody here is an ordained minister, and we strongly encourage you to go to your local pastor, leadership, or elders first, we also understand that isn't an option especially for people not yet able to attend a church in person or not yet a member of a local body. We promise to absolutely abide by scripture to the best of our ability as we speak to you about your situation and help you think and deal with it biblically, and we will be sure to have follow ups and check ins to make sure you know you're not alone. Whether you need someone to confess your sins to, walk you through a tough time, whether you're struggling with doubts, if you need prayer for a very private situation, or if you just need a shoulder to lean on we want you to know our we're always here for you as is, more importantly, the Father. We hope as you continue to grow and mature that your confidence in this community would grow as well so that one on ones could turn into relying on the larger body eventually. You can schedule a one-on-one on the contact page, please give us a brief overview of what is going on and please specify this is a one-on-one, we will be sure to get back to you.


There is no subscription, not to this website, not to the podcast, not to the community, and not to scheduling one on one appointments. All free, always. If you feel the need to give, we strongly urge you to tithe to your local church, support overseas missionaries, or donate to local Gospel missions and Food Banks. We would also strongly urge you to vet any charities you give to as many popular and famous charities are neither Christian-centered nor are they transparent with the funds that are donated. Using a site such as Charity Navigator would be beneficial in making wise decisions in regards to where and how you help your fellow man.


We are not a church! Nobody here is an ordained minister. We are just regular Christians who have an extreme passion to see God glorified, the kingdom furthered, souls saved, the faith unified, the Body of Christ edified, and disciples prepared and equipped for their callings. We are but a supplement to an in person Church service and we strongly encourage everyone who comes here to participate in their local assembly as well. As awesome of a community as we want to build here, nothing compares to worshipping and praising together, communing with our Brothers and Sisters in person, and listening to sermons from qualified and anointed teachers and preachers. We do not want to be your meat we just want to be the potatoes. Just the extra stuff for Bible believing, God pursuing, intimacy seeking Christians who aren't satisfied and want even more than they already are getting. We welcome you with open arms and hope together we can change the world and preach the Gospel to all the nations. But if you have to pick between us and Church, please pick Church.

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