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Supplementary Material

While our podcast, bible study, and community are great tools in and of themselves, we understand that members have a variety of backgrounds and learning styles, and may require some additional information. We’ve provided some complementary materials and useful guides to help you get the most out of our online Broadcast.


July 13, 2017

A Great general overview of some very common atheist objections and arguments against Christianity, along with how to respond to them, ranging from absurdly bad arguments to the Problem of Evil. We did not write the article, the link goes to the site Therefore God Exists by Jim Boucher, we are not affiliated in any way with the author or his theology, but these arguments and responses have been very useful in equipping our defense of the Faith.

Image by Zdeněk Macháček


July 1, 2021

An awesome overview of something very important to us here, the idea that salvation, once we are assured of it, is not the end but merely the beginning. Ray Comfort is one of the best evangelists alive, and although we are not affiliated with Ray Comfort or Living Waters we would strongly encourage everyone to take Ray's advice and Save Yourself Some pain by reading and digesting the content of this article in a way that would be transformative in the way you approach your walk with God, your relationships with others, and all aspects of your life.

Image by nikko macaspac


March 18, 2024

One of our absolute favorite resources on the internet right now. Mike Winger is a pastor out of Southern California with a website that links to his youtube channel and videos. He is extremely balanced in his approach and allows the Bible to interpret itself as much as possible, exactly the kind of approach we believe is the best hermeneutic to use. We agree on a large amount of doctrine so you can feel confident getting answers from him as though you were getting them from us. We are not affiliated with Mike, his ministry, or his church, but he has been a valuable resource for our maturity and we think he would be for anyone else's as well.

Image by Will Francis
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